Jonathan Majors Lawyer Denies In-N-Out Fight Staged [Video]

Jonathan Majors’ lawyer says a new angle of him breaking up a fight between two high school girls should be enough to debunk allegations it was all a PR stunt.

via: Insider

Majors is getting trolled mightily online for “staging” video of himself breaking up a fight between two female high-schoolers near a Hollywood In-N-Out Burger.

The Marvel star’s heroism, first reported by TMZ, was filmed as a publicity stunt, memesters are claiming, as an attempt to distract the public from his ugly domestic-violence case in Manhattan.

Nonsense, his lawyer responded Friday, shortly before the actor’s latest court hearing on the misdemeanor case.

“Suggesting that the video of Mr. Majors breaking up the fight is staged is absurd,” the lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, told Insider.

“One of the girls at the school has come out today and confirmed it was real,” she added.

Both TMZ’s and the newly-surfaced video, shot from another angle, shows Majors running up to two young women as they brawled Monday on the pavement outside Hollywood High School.

Majors had been across the street, picking up takeout for his girlfriend, actor Meagan Good, Chaudhry confirmed to Insider.

Other students can be seen in the videos just watching – or watching and filming – and doing nothing to intercede.

But Majors pushed the two young women apart, telling them, “No, no, no, it’s OK,” as they repeatedly tried to get past him and continue the fight.

“It was a school fight, that’s all,” the actor brushed it all off to a TMZ reporter who caught up with him afterward.

The Internet, meanwhile, has not been brushing it off at all.

Memes have been rampant all week, including a hilarious impersonation of Majors on Friday, where he rehearses his fight-breakup lines before turning to the cameras and asking, “Did y’all get that?”

Majors’ lawyer said she has fielded “a lot” of calls from reporters asking if the “Lovecraft Country” star had staged his intervention in the young women’s fight.

The lawyer said she wishes the public spent less time watching and sharing the fight-breakup videos, and more time doing the same with video evidence she says clears her client in his domestic-violence case.

That video, from a sidewalk surveillance camera, was filed as an exhibit in a defense motion Wednesday.

It shows Majors’ accuser – choreographer and then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari – soon after she alleges he bloodied her right ear and broke her right middle finger in a street brawl of their own, on a Chinatown street in March.

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