John Singleton's Mother Is In Possession of His Will

As it turns out, John Singleton was more prepared for his death than initially reported.

According to new reports, his mother Sheila Ward is in possession of his will and it’s set to be filed  with the probate court soon.

She was responsible for handling all of his business affairs.

via TMZ:

As we reported, last week Cleopatra, one of John’s 7 children, accused Shelia of trying to corral his assets and squeeze out his kids. Cleopatra launched her attack after Shelia filed legal docs last week to get a temporary conservatorship while John was unable to make decisions. The legal fight ended when John died.

If the 51-year-old, famed director had died without a will, Shelia would get nothing from his reported $35 million estate, because under California law the assets would be divided equally among his 7 children. But, since there’s a will, John decides who gets what, and who gets nothing.

Given the business relationship between John and Shelia, it’s a safe bet she’s the executor of the will, which surely would not please Cleopatra. 

It’s unclear when John signed the will, but it’s not out of the question someone might try and mount a challenge that the will should be invalid because of undue influence or mental incapacity — this came up after Michael Jackson died. Important to note … most of these challenges fail. 

This is an interesting development, considering all of the bickering over his estate.

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