John Singleton's Mother Claims His Child's Mother Did Nothing to Help Him the Night Before He Was Hospitalized, She Denies It

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – FEBRUARY 25: Producer/director John Singleton attends the 2018 American Black Film Festival Honors Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 25, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)


John Singleton has been laid to rest for months, but his family is still arguing over how things went down in his final moments.

His mom now claims one of his baby mamas did nothing to help him the night before he died, despite the fact he was throwing up blood and showing signs something was wrong.

via TMZ:

Shelia Ward says when John got home the night before he died, his baby mama, Rayvon Jones, met him with, “No open arms just crossed defiant fists.” She says some type of argument then started between them.

Shelia claims John then took a bath with his infant son, Seven, but his body began to tremor — showing serious signs of distress — and he was almost too weak to get himself out of the tub. He also allegedly threw up blood.

Rather than call 911, Shelia says Rayvon simply put John to bed. His mother says she’s haunted by that thought and says, “I can’t stop thinking about this truth. Can’t blame them. Don’t blame them. I feel so sorry for them because they must live with it.”

Rayvon tells us John did complain of being sick that night, saying he thought it was food poisoning, but she never saw him throw up, and didn’t think it was anything serious. She says she told him to run the bath, to relax and to drink some tea.

Rayvon says she’s shocked by Shelia’s accusations, and thought they were on good terms. Rayvon tells us she would never have done something to prevent John from getting help if she believed it was a serious medical situation.

We think this family should focus on moving forward. What’s done is done and nothing can be changed.

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