What Would Jesus Do? Church Members Threaten to Call Police on Black Woman for Sitting on Church Lawn [Video]

A group of Christian church members were not happy that a Black woman was peacefully sitting on “their” grass — and their confrontation was captured on video.

via TMZ:

The woman’s name is Alex Marshall-Brown — a stunt woman and voice actor here in L.A. — and on Tuesday, she documented her North Hollywood encounter with the churchgoers … who seemed to grossly overreact to her chilling out on church grounds.

She was working on her laptop, sitting under a tree and minding her business … when a couple guys who apparently work for the church came out with a “No Trespassing” sign just for her. Alex questions why they’re booting her, but they don’t seem to have a good reason.

The men say they don’t want strangers on their property, period — insisting that them telling her to scram isn’t anything personal … that they’re just doing their jobs and protecting the church.

But then it took a disturbing turn … one of the guys dropped the ol’ “All Lives Matter” on her.

Alex continued to point out she’s not threatening anyone, and that escalating the situation by calling police — which the men say was already happening — wasn’t necessary.

She noted she was asked by some bike cops to leave at first, or else she’d have a run-in with “Cop cops” — but our law enforcement sources tell us no one in LAPD was even made aware of this. Instead, it sounds like Alex just had to deal with the church staffers.

She went on to say it’s ironic a church, of all places, was being so unwelcoming.

Now, head honchos from this parish — St. Paul’s First Lutheran Church — have already weighed in, and they say their workers on the ground got this one wrong. The church says they strive to spread the love of God, and they’re saddened by the way this went down.

SPFLC also makes a point to say … they’re gonna train their staff better going forward.

New Commandment Idea: Thou Shalt Not Call Police on Black People Minding Their Damn Business.

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