Jersey Woman Disobeys Lockdown to Chuck Molotov Cocktail at Boyfriend's Home: Attorney General

A number of people were also arrested for falsely claiming they had the coronavirus and spitting on cops.

Stay at home or be shamed!

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal released a list of recent arrests conducted amid the state’s stay-at-home order for the coronavirus pandemic, calling out people who have not only violated it, but broken other laws in the process.

Grewal urged Jersey residents to follow the order to “not only to keep themselves and others healthy, but to avoid creating more work and risks for hard-pressed law enforcement officers.” The offenses listed included everything from molotov cocktails — yep, you read that correctly — to a number of people who falsely claimed they contracted COVID-19 and then spit on officers.

The social-distancing order took effect March 21, with an end date TBD. Below are just a few of the more outrageous offenses that went down in the state following the rule.

“On March 25, Karley A. Rosell, 24, of Pitman, was charged in a domestic violence incident with leaving her home and allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at her boyfriend’s residence. It did not detonate. She was charged with arson and weapons offenses, as well as a disorderly persons offense for violating the stay at home order.”

“On March 16, Jennifer Burgess allegedly spit on officers in Dunellen, claiming to have tested positive for COVID-19. She was charged with throwing bodily fluid at a law enforcement officer and second-degree terroristic threats.”

“On March 17, Nicole A. Ayvaz, 23, was arrested in Belleville and charged with false public alarm for allegedly calling emergency dispatchers and claiming she had the coronavirus to try to get Essex County College to close. She did not have the virus.”

“On March 20, Marina N. Bishara-Rhone, 22, allegedly coughed directly on an officer during a domestic violence incident in River Edge, saying she had the virus and she hoped he was now infected. She was charged with endangering and throwing bodily fluid at a law enforcement officer.”

“On March 24, David C. Morris, 54, allegedly told New Jersey state troopers in Sussex County that he had the coronavirus in an attempt to avoid arrest after a motor vehicle stop. He was charged with DWI.”

“On March 27, in Hazlet, state troopers charged Travis Urban, 30, with obstruction and hindering apprehension or prosecution for allegedly falsely claiming he had the coronavirus to try to avoid charges after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.”

Two homeowners were arrested for holding weddings at their homes, another man was charged with disorderly conduct for throwing a big party and a group of four was also arrested for allegedly drag racing and doing donuts in a school parking lot.

See the full list — so far — here.

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