Jennifer Hudson Drops Order of Protection, David Otunga Wins Custody of Their Son

David Otunga is now the primary custodial parent of David Jr. after a brief custody battle with Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer and David split earlier this month following a 10-year engagement.

According to reports, the two have reached a custody agreement.

via TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ Jennifer Hudson and David reached a temporary custody agreement which gives him custody of 8-year-old David Jr. the majority of the time. Jennifer is currently in London shooting “The Voice UK” and she’s committed to significant travel to Los Angeles to do “The Voice.”

As we reported, David has said he’s been his son’s primary caregiver since birth because of Jennifer’s travel schedule. Apparently they both now acknowledge that he will again become the primary custodial parent, at least until a formal custody agreement is worked out.

We’re also told Jennifer also voluntarily dropped her order of protection, which prohibited David from having contact with their son or her.

As for the family home, we’re told David will not be moving back.

This whole situation is bizarre — but we’re down for whatever’s best for the child.

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