Jennifer Hudson Dropped the Order of Protection Against David Otunga Because He's Out of the House + David Does NOT Have Primary Custody Their Son

Jennifer Hudson dropped her order of protection against David Otunga and he’s allowed to see their son again, only because he’s out of her house and no longer a physical threat to her — at least that’s what sources are saying.

via TMZ:

The sources say Jennifer dropped the restraining order keeping Otunga away from 8-year-old David Jr., purely in the child’s best interest. Although Jennifer’s restraining order docs say, “I am now living in fear for my physical and emotional safety and that of my son” — we’re told she was referring to emotional scarring David Jr. would suffer if he saw his father threaten his mother.

She never accused Otunga of physically threatening their child. As we reported, Otunga’s been removed from their home, and as a result, we’re told Jennifer’s satisfied as the emotional risk to their son is no longer present.

As for who’s been the child’s primary caregiver — our Jennifer sources say she’s always made mothering her top priority, even while working to support the family.

When she first went to London a year ago to shoot ‘The Voice’ … she not only brought Otunga and David Jr., but she also paid Otunga’s mom to tutor her grandson. She did the same during her 6-month Broadway run in “The Color Purple.”

Her sources also want to make it clear that David has custody right now because Jennifer’s working in London, but he hasn’t won custody of David. The judge hasn’t even ruled on that yet. Neither parent has been selected as primary caregiver.

David’s people say that the reason she dropped the protective order is because she didn’t want to defend her ‘lies’ in court. Meanwhile, Jennifer’s camp says she would have had no problem testifying to the abuse in court because she has witnesses to corroborate her account of the altercation that happened the night before she filed the order.

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