Jenifer Lewis Sues LA Fitness After Getting Conned Out of $50,000 by Her Ex Lover [Video]

Jenifer Lewis is suing her ex-lover Tony Wilson’s place of employment, LA Fitness, for allegedly not listening to her accusations.

Tony, who is a manager at the LA Fitness location where they first met, somehow scammed Jenifer out of $50,000.

via TMZ:

Jenifer met the guy at an LA Fitness club in West Los Angeles, where he was a manager who worked the front desk. She says they got chummy and started seeing each other. She says 3 months into the relationship he convinced her to loan him the money for a film he was producing, saying he was Oscar-worthy, having won 3 awards for sound design.

Jenifer says in fact, he was a con man who served time and LA Fitness should have known and not hired him. According to her lawsuit against the club, she says when she confronted managers at the gym they actually sided with the con man, saying, “Stop making accusations.” She adds in the suit they actually blocked her from returning to the gym.

We’ve reached out to LA Fitness, so far no word back.

Jenifer took to Facebook to issue a lengthy post about the nature of her relationship with the guy — who she discovered has a long history of scamming people out of money.

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