Jeff Lewis Splits from BF, Details What Went Wrong & Gives Machine Gun Kelly Feud Update [Audio]

“The beating me up and the hypercriticism, it became suffocating to me.”

As one relationship falls apart, another sorta, kinda rebounds for Jeff Lewis.

The “Flipping Out” star and SiriusXM Radio host revealed on today’s show that he and boyfriend of just over a year, Scott Anderson, “called it quits” over the weekend. And while he explained all the reasons why they couldn’t make it work, he also gave a promising update on another relationship in his life — that with his neighbor Machine Gun Kelly.

Let’s start with the boyfriend troubles first.

“I have some bad news. Scott Anderson and I, we called it quits over the weekend,” Jeff told his cohosts on Monday. “The last 8 weeks have been kind of rough. He’s had a lot of anxiety, a lot of frustration. It got to a point where I felt he was hypercritical of me and it was a lot of negativity and always complaining.”

Admitting Scott sometimes bugged “the shit out of” him, Lewis explained that the positive tended to outweigh the negative. But “weeks of negativity” just “started wearing on me.”

“He just stopped communicating, I could feel him next to me just angry, pouting, seething, resenting me,” Lewis continued. “I felt like he might need some distance to gain perspective.”

According to Jeff, it was Anderson’s idea to break up and Lewis agreed. Scott, however, also suggested they meet with a dating therapist. “I said, I really am kind of done working on this,” said Lewis, adding, “That is my one regret.”

After they made their decision, Lewis said he fell back into his regular habit of villainizing his ex, before realizing the situation didn’t warrant it.

“Maybe because it’s easier for me to get over something, I always turn it into a fight,” he said, admitting he “took a few swipes” at Anderson over text. “He took a few swipes and then I checked my behavior and said, you know what, I don’t want to end this this way. He doesn’t deserve this, he’s been a good guy.”

He said he thanked Anderson for being “a positive influence” for him and for being so good with his daughter, Monroe. “I actually am proud of myself for taking that approach because normally I would just annihilate somebody, blow everything to pieces and then that would be it,” he added, patting himself on the back.

Boiling down their issues, he added, “There was just a real lack of communication with us, I think we speak two different languages. I need more affirmation and acknowledgment. The beating me up and the hypercriticism, it became suffocating to me.”

The fireworks between Lewis and Machine Gun Kelly, however, show signs of a ceasefire.

Previously, Jeff railed against the rapper on his podcast, accusing him of parking in front of his home, ignoring social distancing warnings and just being a not-so-great neighbor. Kelly, in turn, sent Lewis a bottle of expensive champagne to smooth things over via skateboard, which he documented on social media.

“There’s been a little bit of a discord between Machine Gun Kelly and myself. We seem to have resolved it,” Lewis said Monday, before explaining Kelly’s Instagram post. “It’s one of those things, you can’t be mad at that. It’s so funny, the guy’s such a funny guy. So I did ask him, I said fine, I accept, but please move your car.”

“I said, ‘Hey, thanks for the champagne.’ And he’s like, ‘Which car do you want me to move?'” Lewis said. “All of them, f–king all of them! But I was like, ‘It’s no big deal, whatever. He’s so sweet. He tried.”

Despite moving his Range Rover “10 feet,” Lewis still isn’t totally satisfied.

“Now it’s more visible, it’s more visible than it was before!” he exclaimed. “I’m like, just f–king let it go. He tried to accommodate me, he moved it up, it’s now worse. It was better before. So we’re good, I said nice to meet you. We’re good, we’re moving on.”

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