Jay-Z Says Sitting for the National Anthem Was NOT a Protest, The Carters Were Working: 'We Made The Biggest Protest of All By Selecting Such a Diverse Group of Artists to Perform'

When Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to remain seated during the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV — many took it as a sign that The Carters were protesting the same injustice that Colin Kaepernick and others took a knee for.

According to Jay — they were just working and that there was no need for a “silent protest.”

via TMZ:

Jay was at Columbia University Tuesday and addressed the video TMZ Sports first posted Sunday … showing Jay, Bey and Blue Ivy seated as Demi Lovato belted out the National Anthem. A Columbia professor asked him if he remained seated to “convey a signal,” and Jay quickly replied, “It actually wasn’t. Sorry.”

He said Beyonce told him she was thinking what Demi must have been going through in the seconds before starting the Anthem. As Jay put it, Beyonce’s “performed at the Super Bowl before, and I haven’t.”

He said they were both laser focused on Demi’s performance, but from a business standpoint — “We immediately jumped into artist mode.”

Jay added, “I’m really just looking at the show. The mics start, was it too low to start?” He went on to make the point he was concerned about the audio, and every aspect really, of the show … and for very good reason.

Remember, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is now producing ALL of the entertainment at Super Bowls as part of the deal Jay struck with the NFL last year. That included Demi’s Anthem, Yolanda Adams singing “America the Beautiful” … and the Halftime Show with Shakira and J Lo.

Jay said there was no need for a “silent protest” — which some thought they were doing — because we were “making the biggest loudest protest of all” by selecting such a diverse group of artists to perform at the game.

Also worth noting … the Carters attend sporting events regularly — Jay was a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets — and we’re told they always stand for the Anthem. We found photos and video to back that up, including the 2017 NBA All-Star Game.

In other words — Jay just said that there’s no need to protest because he got Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Demi Lovato and Yolanda Adams to perform. If our exclusive report on how Jay-Z and Roc Nation allegedly tried to pressure Jennifer Lopez into removing the political statement about the border crisis from her Super Bowl performance didn’t make sense to you — it certainly should now.

Exclusive: Jay-Z and Roc Nation Tried to Pressure Jennifer Lopez Into Cutting Border Crisis Statement From Super Bowl Halftime Show

Watch the video below.

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