Jay-Z Is Reportedly Disappointed with Colin Kaepernick for Turning 'a Legitimate Workout Into a Publicity Stunt' [Video]

Jay-Z’s plan to save face in the wake of his NFL partnership get Colin Kaepernick back in the NFL may have backfired — and he’s reportedly placing the blame on Colin for messing things up.

via TMZ:

As we previously reported, Colin bailed on the NFL’s workout Saturday and held his own workout instead. Colin claims he wanted transparency — insisting the NFL would not allow him to have media at the workout.

Sources close to Jay-Z tell us … Jay is unhappy with the way things went down because he feels the league was genuine in trying to give Colin an opportunity.

Colin went through with his workout at a high school nearby and reviews are mixed. Some scouts are reportedly impressed with Kap’s arms strength and talent. And, others are reportedly saying he looked average at best.

Now, the waiting game begins … and we’ll see if an NFL team will pull the trigger and sign the 32-year-old QB.

In case you missed it, Colin addressed the media shortly after his workout. Take a look.


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