Jay-Z Is Owed $6.8M In Unpaid Royalties Over Failed Cologne Brand, NY Court Rules

A New York appeals court sided with Jay-Z in his long legal battle against a fragrance company called Parlux over a cologne endorsement deal.

via: Uproxx

A New York appeals court has upheld the 2021 ruling against Parlux in Jay-Z’s lawsuit against the brand, confirming that the brand owes him nearly $7 million in unpaid royalties. While a 2022 report originally detailed a $4.5 million payout was owed, Billboard reported today that after losing its appeal, Parlux now owes Jay $6.8 million.

The company originally sued Jay-Z for breach of contract in 2016, asking for $67 million after claiming it had lost $18 million on a 2013 fragrance partnership with the rap mogul due to his refusal to follow through on his obligations to promote it. Among the accusations was one that Jay had foregone promotional appearances and kept a $20,000 prototype bottle after rejecting its design for use on the line.

Jay countersued, saying that the company had given him sketchy, inaccurate documentation on its financial health and failed to pay all the royalties he was owed over the course of the partnership. The 2021 trial took three weeks, after which a jury determined that Jay did not owe Parlux; then, New York Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok ruled Parlux owes Jay-Z $6.78 million in unpaid royalties, including interest.

Parlux’s appeal hinged on a belief that the trial judge had improperly instructed the jury about requirements in the contract about Jay-Z’s personal appearances. According to Billboard, Parlux can continue to appeal but has not indicated any plans to do so.

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