Jason Derulo Challenges The Rock to a...Hot Dog Eating Contest [Video]

Are you ready to watch Jason Derulo and The Rock shove a bunch of weiners in their mouths?

If Jason has his way, you’ll be able to catch the action on the 4th of July.

via TMZ:

The “Cats” star and “Swalla” singer just set the stage for what could be the biggest celebrity culinary face-off of all time … calling out The Rock and prematurely declaring victory if they go dog-for-dog on Independence Day.

Jason’s fresh off a pretty impressive start … he challenged himself to eat 22 burgers in 2 hours to celebrate reaching 22 million followers on TikTok — yes, this is what goes down on the app.

While Jason came up a little short on his burger binge — eating 20 burgers instead of the full plate of 22 — he says it made him realize he could be a pretty darn good competitive eater.

Jason’s got his work cut out for him — The Rock is known for his epic cheat meals when he’s not getting shredded in the gym — but he says one of his hidden talents is his massive appetite. Gotta¬†feed that anaconda!!!

We’ll add this event to the ongoing list of things we don’t give a sh*t about right now.

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