Jane Fonda Says She's 'Too Busy' For Sex at Age 82 [Video]

“I couldn’t have sex again even if I wanted to.”

Sex isn’t Jane Fonda’s top priority at the moment, but at 82, the actress doesn’t seem to be too concerned.

During a virtual appearance on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, the two-time Oscar winner opened up to guest host Tiffany Haddish about her sex life, revealing that she’s “too busy” to get busy.

“I need to know because you look so good, are you still having sex? Are you having, like, crazy sex?” Haddish, 40, asked Fonda, who gave a thumbs down and replied, “No, no, zero.”

“I don’t have time. I’m old and I’ve had so much of it,” Fonda continued. “I don’t need it right now because I’m too busy!”

The “Grace and Frankie” star then added, “My favorite ex-husband Ted Turner, he always said, if you wait too long it grows over.”

“I think he’s right,” Fonda quipped.

In a profile with The New York Times last month, “The Book Club” actress touched on a couple of famous men from her past, revealing that she “regrets” passing up the chance to sleep with Marvin Gaye.

During a game of “Confirm or Deny,” Fonda was asked whether her biggest regret was that she “never had sex with Che Guevara.” She took the chance to set the record straight.

“No, I don’t think about him. Who I do think about, and what is a great regret is Marvin Gaye,” Fonda replied. “He wanted to and I didn’t.”

She explained she was married to Tom Hayden at the time and met Gaye while trying to organize concerts for her husband. When asked whether his pickup line included the words “sexual healing,” one of Gaye’s biggest hits, Fonda joked that “I needed some” at the time.

“But he didn’t say that, no,” she added. “But then I read, apparently he had my picture on his refrigerator. I didn’t find that out until later, after he was dead.”

During the interview, she went on to call Marlon Brando — with whom she starred in “The Chase” — “disappointing,” but “a great actor,” and revealed she has a “drawer full of vibrators.”

Fonda, who’s been married and divorced three times, also said she’s “closed up shop down there” when it comes to her love life now.

“I don’t have time,” she added. “I am fully complete with me and my children and my grandchildren and my friends. I don’t want any more romance.”

Fonda married her first husband, Roger Vadim, in 1965. The couple welcomed a daughter, Vanessa Vadim, in 1986, and got divorced in 1973. Only a few days after her divorce was finalized, Fonda went on to marry Hayden. The former couple had a son together, Troy Garity, now 47. They also unofficially adopted a daughter, Mary Luana Williams. Fonda and Hayden divorced in 1990.

Fonda wed her third husband, Turner, in 1991, before divorcing in 2001. Years later, in 2009, Fonda began a relationship with Richard Perry. The two split in 2017.

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