Jack Osbourne Lashes Out at 'Bulls--t Tabloid Media' for Reporting on Ozzy Osbourne's Hair Color [Photo]

Ozzy was photographed out in Los Angeles on Saturday with wife Sharon sporting his natural hair color.

After several media organizations spent Saturday reporting on a sighting of Ozzy Osbourne out and about with wife Sharon — and his natural hair color — son Jack decided he’d had enough.

The reality star, who has starred alongside the Black Sabbath frontman and legendary rocker in multiple series — most recently Travel Channel’s “The Osbournes Want to Believe” — took to his Instagram page with a scathing indictment against “bulls–t tabloid journalists.”

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What a wonderful world of low life’s we live in.

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Jack pointed out that we are still living in a COVID-19 pandemic world and that it’s “to really recommended for people with Parksinson’s to go get their hair dyed” during it, using a choice word along the way.

He also reminded them, and Ozzy’s fans, that the 71-year-old is also recovering from “severe spince surgery” and is on vacation. In other words, the color of his hair is probably among the furthest things from his mind, and certainly not a priority.

And as Jack sees it, it’s not a story.

“It’s amazing that he can have a 50 year career, selling millions of albums and all that you assholes wanna talk about [is] his hair roots,” he wrote.

“What a wonderful world of low life’s we live in,” he captioned his post.

Ozzy opened up about his Parkinson’s diagnosis earlier this year after a diagnosis in February 2019. He then suffered a serious fall, injuring his neck, that led to him cancelling the rest of his 2019 concert tour as he underwent spinal surgery.

He was undergoing treatment in Switzerland as the Covid pandemic began to circulate around the globe, effectively shuttering all thoughts of resuming the concert until some semblance of normalcy returns.

In other words, while recovering, the world changed and Ozzy has gone into quarantine like the rest of us.

And if anyone thinks everyone around the globe has been as stringent about their hair care, they’ve clearly already forgotten those early quarantine protests with people holding up signs saying they want a haircut.

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