Jack Harlow Was Flabbergasted To Learn Brandy And Ray J Are Siblings [Photos + Video]

The old saying is true, you learn something new everyday.

via: Uproxx

Jack Harlow, who is currently on a press tour to promote his new album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, was at Hot 97’s studios in New York being interviewed by Ebro and Peter Rosenberg when they challenged him to identify a ’90s R&B hit. This is a relevant challenge because, as I pointed out in my review of Come Home…, Harlow’s been leaning heavily on turn-of-the-millennium samples as he attempts to shepherd hip-hop into its next stylistic era. The song in question was “Angel In Disguise” by Brandy, but as that song came out 1998, the year Jack Harlow was born, he understandably needed a few hints.

One of those hints was about Moesha, Brandy’s mid-’90s sitcom featuring Ray J. Harlow was still stumped, prompting the hosts to suggest a tidbit about Ray J’s sex tape. Harlow’s response, “Who’s Ray J’s sister?” sends the hosts into hysterics as Jack finds out for the “first time” that Brandy and Ray J are siblings. As an added bonus, Rosenberg even predicts the segment’s breakout potential. But let’s be honest here… you clicked. All in all, it’s an enjoyable reminder that time comes for us all eventually — the least we can do is laugh about it.

Check out the clip below.

Last fall Ray J trended on Twitter because people “discovered” that he’s Brandy‘s younger brother.

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