It's Getting Real: 'Orange Is The New Black' Writer Lauren Morelli Divorces Her Husband for Girlfriend Samira 'Poussey' Wiley


Orange Is The New Black writer Lauren Morelli has officially filed for divorce from her husband. As you know, Lauren has been dating Orange Is The New Black actress Samira Wiley (who plays our fave Poussey) since the show forced her to come to the realization that she’s a lesbian.

The two have taken their relationship public, but now since Lauren is technically married it’s time to make things right so that their relationship can prosper.

The divorce petition has been filed as a joint petition — which meansher husband Steve knows that it’s a wrap. It’s all pretty straightforward, she gets her Lexus, her apartment, and her sapphire engagement ring and he gets his Mazda and some other things.

Now that the divorce is being taken care of, Samira and Lauren can flourish!

[via TMZ]


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