It Gets Worse: Jared Fogle Sued for Conspiring to Film a Nude Minor


The list of Jared Fogle’s perverted transgressions gets longer by the day. The former Subway spokesperson currently serving 15-years for child pornography charges has now been sued by one of his child porn victims.

via TMZ:

A girl identified as “Jane Doe” claims she was a repeated guest at the home of Russell Taylor, the man who shared child porn with Fogle. According to the suit, Taylor had installed multiple hidden cameras concealed in clock radios, positioned to capture minors changing their clothes and bathing.

“Jane Doe” says between March 2011 and January 2015, Taylor got nude video and pics of her and other minors. The lawsuit goes on, claiming Fogle solicited the videos from Taylor, who was more than accommodating.

She’s asking for at least $150, 000 each from Fogle and Taylor.

Did we tell you that Jared got beat up in prison?

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