Irish Motorist is Having None Of This Personal Injury Scammer's Nonsense [Video]

“You’re acting the bollix!”

Dash cams are one surefire way to protect motorists from insurance scammers, as one Irish motorist re-proved on Thursday.

Video posted on Twitter showed the moment a cyclist in Dublin appeared to try to set up an accident — and the passenger in the car was having none of it.

The clip shows the car driving through the city and stopping at an intersection, before a man on a bike very slowly, very purposely and very obviously tries to turn into their path.

Pathetically falling on the hood with an even more pathetic cry of anguish, the “shocked victim” manages to get back to his feet and look around for witnesses, before reaching for his phone.

The woman in the passenger seat however is not quite convinced by his histrionics, and politely informs him, in the manner only an Irish woman can, that his attempted deception has not gone unnoticed.

WARNING: Graphic language

“Now he’s acting the bollix,” she confers with her companion, before leveling the same accusation at the cyclist: “You’re acting the bollix!”

The “injured party” whips out his phone to snap the offending car’s details; however the occupants inform him that the interaction has already been recorded.

“He has you on video cam acting the bollix doing that, you stupid c–t,” she declares as he makes his getaway. “You’re a stupid little b—-rd!”

[via TooFab]

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