Iman Shumpert Backtracks: 'Empire' Does Not Copy Me, My Words Were Twisted


After word spread like wildfire that Iman Shumpert had accused Empire of intentionally stealing his and Teyana Taylor’s swag, Iman spoke with TMZ Sports to clarify his remarks.

Check out his statement:

“The Empire story pertaining to myself and my girlfriend Teyana has gotten out of hand. Fans of the show and friends have told us on many occasions that couple favors us but we do not all feel that our lives are being copied / stolen. I apologize to the actors on the show because they’re just being professionals and don’t deserve slander that’s not what I was trying to portray and I have to be more careful with my choice of words. I do not appreciate the writer using his questions with my answers to draw quotes like I was making these elaborate answers but that’s the media. The writer took a 2-3 min convo of locker room talk after a GREAT TEAM WIN and made it look like a sit down interview and it wasn’t. He twisted words to get the point that he wanted to get across. This is not that serious and though we don’t watch the show we are not against it.”

Seeing that Empire has amassed an extremely large and loyal following, it was definitely in Iman’s best interests to clear the air… because the Internet was lighting his butt on fire (LOL).

Hopefully Iman and Teyana decide to check out the show.

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