Iggy Azalea Reacts To Ex Playboi Carti Being Arrested For Assault: “Warned You” [Photos]

Iggy Azalea has seemingly addressed reports of Playboi Carti having been arrested and accused of aggravated assault in Georgia.

via: Vibe

The 32-year-old did not have any sympathy for her ex-boyfriend and father of her child.

“Been there. Done that. Warned you,” the Australian rapper wrote on Tuesday morning (Feb. 14). She then revealed that the “Magnolia” rapper allegedly had a history of abusing multiple women in her next tweet.

“Imagine having a pregnant girlfriend and pretending they don’t exist until it comes out you like to abuse them too – & rarely visiting your actual son unless is because you’re running from whatever problems ya got going on in Atlanta & the press with your serial abuse of [women].”

The “Fancy” artist didn’t want to spend too much time on the negativity and finished up her tweet spree with “Anyway. I’m having an actually amazing day! karmas real! Treat the people you love well! Happy Valentine’s Day.”

TMZ reported that Playboi Carti was arrested for the incident which took place back in December 2022. The victim, his 14-week pregnant girlfriend, reportedly attempted to have a conversation about their baby and a paternity test before the situation became tense. The 26-year-old allegedly choked his partner before a witness was able to intervene. She made her way to the car only for Carti to catch up to her and prevent her from calling the police.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered his girlfriend had back, neck, and chest injuries.

Brian Steel, the Opium artist’s attorney, stated “Mr. Carter was falsely accused. Pursuant to my communications with the Fulton County District Attorney‘s Office, this case will be dismissed without any prosecution or litigation.”

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