Iggy Azalea Issued Fans In Saudi Arabia an Apology After Her Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction Caused Her to End the Show

Iggy Azalea was forced to end her show in Saudi Arabia early due a wardrobe malfunction that could’ve potentially landed her in serious trouble.

via Uproxx:

Although Iggy has discussed her love for her body, her skin-tight onstage attire just couldn’t handle all the curves. In the clip captured by concertgoers, Iggy, dressed in what appears to be a latex catsuit, moves along to the choreography. But the garment quickly began to slip from her left leg, nearly exposing her intimate area.

As she places her hand to cover her private area, just in case the split rose any further, she looks to the side of the stage for guidance. Typically, a wardrobe malfunction can be brushed off, but because of the country’s strict dress code and other modesty laws, she ended the show.

In a now-deleted series of posts on social media, Iggy issued an apology to fans. On Instagram, she wrote, “Saudi Arabia… Wasssssss…. probably the worst possible place to have my pants split & unfortunately, I wasn’t permitted to end the show. ?????. BUT silver lining, the promoters were amazingly kind to me & the PEOPLE who came were the absolute most supportive.”

In a screenshot captured by Page Six, Iggy also took to Twitter to write, “I love you guys. This was not what I intended for the show, but it’s a memory I’ll have forever & ultimately showed me how kind, loving & supportive people can be while you’re having such an embarrassing moment ??.”

You know Saudi Arabia doesn’t play about nudity! She’s lucky she was able to catch it before it got worse.

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