Husband of Slapped 'Karen' Apologizes for Her Racist Behavior, Blames It On Mental Illness [Video]

Earlier this week, a ‘Karen’ got slapped across the face after hurling racist remarks at a woman in a gas station — and now her husband is apologizing on  her behalf.

via TMZ:

Bob Harrian appealed directly to Karina Rodriguez — the woman who slapped his wife, Tamara, in the gas station altercation — during an interview with FOX10, saying, “I’m just so sorry that this happened. You never walked into that store thinking something like this was going to happen. I understand, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what she said.”

Bob didn’t excuse Tamara’s racist rant, but explained … “I just have to tell you this — it’s her mental illness. A year ago she would never have done, never have even thought of that.”

He claims his wife’s actions are the result of a break-in at their home last year, and says she’s developed paranoia and signs of fabrication. He hopes the slap video will be enough to convince Tamara to finally seek treatment for her issues.

Interestingly, Bob is also a lawyer, but says he has no plans to sue Karina for slapping “Karen.”

Watch his apology below. Are you buying it?

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