Hurricane Chris Says He's Preparing to Sue Shreveport PD After Not Guilty Verdict for Second-Degree Murder

Hurricane Chris was found not guilty of 2nd-degree murder in March, a grueling three-year battle, the “Ay Bay Bay” rapper says cost him over a million dollars in potential earnings.

via: Revolt

In an interview that TMZ published this morning (Sept. 4), the Shreveport talent opened up about the steps he’s taken following that verdict.

“My thing is to make sure that I get the message out as much as possible that I feel for everybody involved in the situation,” he said. “I continue to give my condolences to the family because I have close friends inside of that family. I talk to ’em every day. I just got off the phone yesterday with the deceased [man’s] cousin, same last name. So, never will I be disrespectful. I grew up with this dude, you know what I’m sayin’?”

He continued, “No matter what happens, you wanna be respectful about whatever you can be respectful about. Because I’m from Louisiana; it’s small. This ain’t California, this ain’t Chicago. You run your mouth in a reckless manner, and you’re [probably] gonna have consequences.”

In another part of the interview, Hurricane Chris explained how law enforcement refused to give him due process. TMZ also stated that the rapper is planning to file a lawsuit against the Shreveport authorities.

“The police really failed to investigate my case. Everybody on the scene understood what happened, but when the detective got me downtown and started questioning me, [it] started off with, ‘Hey, you had a song on the radio, right?’ And then, from there, everything went downhill. I didn’t stand a chance. I lost over $1.4 million. I had a movie deal coming up. I signed to an acting agency before I was arrested. I lost the deal with the acting agency, one of the biggest agencies in Louisiana.”

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