Hood Pass? Travis Scott Lets White Fan Rap the N-Word at His Show [Video]

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Travis Scott doesn’t care if you’re white and wanna rap the N-word — just as long as you’re a fan of his.

via TMZ:

That was the scene in Toronto Thursday night as Travis opened for Rihanna and performed his hit “3500” … which, of course, includes the line, “Only trill ni***s I know” … repeatedly.

So, naturally Travis picked the whitest guy to get on the mic for those lyrics. You gotta see what happened when the fan was put on the spot. We’re not sure this was exactly Dr. King’s vision of “the dream” … but it was definitely a cool moment for the fan and the crowd. 

As Travis put it, “This makes me want to cry … A lot of years ago nobody ever wanted to see this happen.”

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That’s fine and all. But if a white man ever pops off in an argument and calls Travis the N-word to his face — we don’t wanna hear it!

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