Hollywood Club Shooting Caught On Tape; Did TMZ Go Too Far? [Video]

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Last weekend, a brawl broke out outside of a Hollywood nightclub. Onlookers watched in horror as one of the men involved in the altercation pulled out a gun and began firing, fatally shooting Adam Lowe and wounding another.

A TMZ photographer managed to catch the entire incident on tape and posted it via their website shortly after.

The family of Adam Lowe is calling for the removal of the clip, saying TMZ has gone too far by posting the video of their loved one being shot and killed. They’ve created a petition to get the video removed from the site. You can read it and sign by clicking here.

EBONY.com has an interesting article examining our society and debating exactly how far is too far when it comes to violence for entertainment. I’d encourage you all to read it here.

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