Hold Up! Tyga Gifted Kylie Jenner the Same G-Wagon He Once Gifted Blac Chyna [Photos]


Looks like Tyga has some explaining to do.

TMZ has uncovered that Kylie Jenner’s birthday present from the rapper – a red Mercedes G-Wagon – was previously a gift for… wait for it… Blac Chyna.


Per TMZ:

Kylie Jenner got a spiffy red Mercedes G-Wagon from Tyga Friday, presumably for her 18th birthday. It’s a used Mercedes, which is not a problem. The problem is who used it before her — Blac Chyna!

Turns out Tyga bought the 2013 SUV new and gave it to baby mama and then-GF Blac Chyna. We’re told

Tyga was the registered owner of the whip, which was black. Blac Chyna had it re-painted white and then re-re painted pink.

Our sources say recently Tyga told Blac Chyna she had to get a new car and return the G-Wagon, which she did. We’re told Tyga had it painted red, picked it up Friday and Friday night Kylie was behind the wheel.

The telltale sign … the license number Blac Chyna had is the same as Kylie’s.

Can’t blame a guy for tryin’ … well … maybe.


You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Tyga.

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