He's At It Again: Katt Williams Allegedly Threatened to Shoot a Trucker, According to 911 Call


Katt Williams has been accused of threatening to shoot a trucker, according to a new 911 call. Not only that, but he had three women threaten the man with ‘canes.’

via TMZ:

The alleged incident went down late Monday night at a Flying J truck stop in Georgia. A store clerk said Katt and a trucker got into a heated argument, and then Katt and 3 women whipped out sticks or “canes.” 

But you gotta hear the retired Dallas cop who called 911, claiming Katt threatened to shoot the trucker. In the caller’s words, “These people are a real pain in the ass and something needs to be done about ’em.”

When cops arrived, the trucker was gone. Katt claimed the trucker was harassing him for being a celeb. Since the cops didn’t witness anything, and there was no evidence of a crime … no one was arrested.

Get this man some help.

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