Heart Attack Patient Dies in NY After Ambulance Collides With Fire Engine [Photo + Video]

His sister, who was travelling in the ambulance with him, is in a coma.

A New York man who survived a heart attack was killed when his ambulance collided with a fire truck on Friday morning.

11 more people were injured in the crash, which happened around 2 AM on Myrtle Avenue as the victim was being transported to hospital.

According to CBS2, a fire truck rushing to battle a blaze on Willoughby Avenue smashed into the side of the ambulance, killing the 59-year-old patient.

His 35-year-old sister, who was travelling with him in the back, is now in a coma in their original destination of Woodhull Hospital, family members said.

Relatives only discovered what had happened after the sister stopped responding to texts updating them on her brother’s condition; they tracked the location of the phone and came upon the scene of the accident.

Two EMTs and six firefighters were also injured in the crash; they were taken to hospital but listed in a stable condition.

Two occupants of a Honda that was struck after the initial impact were also hospitalized with minor injuries.

A family member identified the deceased to NBC as Jamil Almansouri, a bodega owner on Throop Avenue.

Nabeel Yahya, a family friend, said the victim had asked his sister to call an ambulance after reporting feeling weak and tired.

She said the scene of the crash looked like no-one survived.

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