HBO Max Is Offering A Major Discount To First-Time Customers (Amid A Curious Amount Of Content Removal)

Against the eventful corporate backdrop of Warner Bros Discovery trimming expenses and trying to convince Wall Street of its strategy.

via: Uproxx

We are currently living in a weird limbo-like state of HBO Max. The streamer still exists and is home to many hit shows, but will slowly begin merging with Discovery+ over the next 12 months. While that’s happening, projects are getting canceled or even yanked from the site and fans are hoping that their favorite shows are safe from cancellation. The good news? You can get yourself an HBO Max subscription for super cheap!

HBO is offering a 30% discount for all new and returning US customers from now until October 30th, 2022. According to the deal, you can sign up for a no-ads plan for just $104.99 for the first year, compared to the regular $149.99 price, or get HBO Max with ads for $69.99/year, compared to their standard $99.99 price point. The deal only works for prepaid yearly subscriptions, so you can’t snag a monthly sub for just $5, unfortunately.

The move is not surprising, and it’s likely that we will see more changes on HBO Max over the next several months as the company gears up to merge with Discovery+. The company said to expect some more changes, including content removal, while they prepare for the big move.

“As we work toward bringing our content catalogs together under one platform, we will be making changes to the content offering available on both HBO Max and Discovery+,” HBO said in a statement. “That will include the removal of some content from both platforms.” On the bright side? This means Shark Week could maybe see some big news!

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