Hazel-E Says 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Execs Are Lying, Claims to Have Proof She Was Fired Over Homophobic Comments

Hazel-E claims to have proof  that she was fired from ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ AFTER her homophobic comments — not before, as producers have said.

via TMZ:

Sources connected to Hazel-E tell TMZ … she got a letter delivered by FedEx on Saturday, informing her the show wasn’t picking up an option on her contract. The letter was sent on Friday, October 20 — that’s 16 days AFTER producers say they decided to drop her.

The letter was sent one day after her homophobic comment — saying all gays should burn in hell — earned her swift Internet backlash. We’re told Hazel thinks the timing makes it obvious she was only cut due to the Instagram post. 

We contacted ‘L&HH’ producers about Hazel’s letter, and they’re standing by their initial statement — they decided to can Hazel on Oct. 4. Point, blank, period.

Our Hazel sources say she’s wondering what took them so long to make it official? Bottom line — she’s pissed off about the firing. We’re told she’s hired a lawyer and is strongly considering a lawsuit.

Listen, just because Hazel didn’t know she was fired on October 4th doesn’t mean the decision to fire Hazel wasn’t made on October 4th.

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