Harvard Grads Were Reportedly Livid About Blac Chyna's Alleged Acceptance Letter, Prompted School to Investigate

We thought it was interesting that Harvard University was so quick to tell the world that Blac Chyna never received the acceptance letter she claimed to have to Harvard Business School — but now we know the pressure was on.

After Chyna announced her acceptance, Harvard alumni were pissed and began making calls to find out what was going on. The angry grads prompted the school to investigate and now we know the whole thing was a fraud.

via Page Six:

A member of Harvard’s Board of Alumni told TMZ that reports the 31-year-old reality star and entrepreneur was enrolled in the famed university’s online business school prompted Harvard to investigate the “acceptance letter” the website posted Thursday, which said she would start a business analytics course on May 29.

Alumni were already unhappy with the online program, which is far less selective than the school itself, but the news that Chyna was going to get Harvard credit was over the line. The board member said he got several calls demanding the school end admission for anyone who pays for the online program.

Even worse, the dust up revealed that a PR firm apparently set the whole thing up, promising it would do all the work for the course and Chyna would get the credit — even pledging to photograph Chyna wearing a Harvard hoodie on the Cambridge, Mass. Campus — for just $1,000 on top of the $2,250 course fee.

We don’t know what kind of alleged scam Christian Emiliano was running over there, but anyone who solicited his services to ‘enroll’ in Harvard Business School might want to get in touch with the school directly.


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