Harriet Tubman's Great-Great-Great Niece Speaks Out Against Kanye West's Rant: 'He Would Be on a Plantation' [Video]

Kanye West can’t keep Harriet Tubman’s name out of his mouth — and her great-great-great niece isn’t here for it.

via TMZ:

Tina Wyatt is extremely upset Kanye dared to say Harriet Tubman did not free slaves. She says her legendary relative was actually free when she risked her life to save others, so she finds it beyond offensive Kanye made such a comment. Fact is … Kanye’s dead wrong.

Check it out … Tina thinks Kanye’s in desperate need of a basic history lesson. Once African Americans were freed, they actually flourished — starting businesses and even getting elected to office — until Jim Crow segregation laws and black codes were enacted to create racist policies that held black people down.

Tina says Kanye needs to start uplifting people if he wants to be in the public eye, and what he did at the rally she believes was nothing but destructive.

Watch below.

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