Gucci Mane's Wife Responds To Claim That He Didn't Pay For Big Scarr's Funeral [Photos + Video]

Gucci’s Mane’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir Davis has posted receipts showing a $20,000 payment to Big Scarr’s funeral home after the 1017 boss was accused of taking back his initial offer to cover the late Memphis rapper’s burial costs.

via: Rap-Up

The Memphis rapper, who was signed to Gucci’s 1017 Records, died on Dec. 22. In the wake of his death, his family alleges that Gucci took back his offer to pay for his funeral.

On Sunday, Memphis rapper Quezz Ruthless went live on Instagram and called out Gucci.

“Them people called your phone to see if you was gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them,” Quezz said, according to XXL. “That’s not real. On God, that’s not real. That ain’t straight…You trying to act all real. You posted Scarr, talking ’bout some ‘Love Live him.’ You aint’ do nothing.”

According to Quezz, Gucci said he was unable to pay for the funeral expenses because his wife Keyshia Ka’oir’s birthday was coming up. “Y’all rich, y’all can celebrate her birthday any day,” added Quezz.

He also claimed that Gucci asked Scarr’s family to return the 1017 chains that he gave Scarr.

“You can’t get them chains. It’s no way you getting them chains. It ain’t no way that’s happening,” said Quezz, while Scarr’s sister corroborated the claim. “He asked for the chains back & NO he not getting them hos back!” said Alexandra Woods.

Now Gucci’s wife Keyshia Ka’oir has come to her husband’s defense, claiming that Gucci did indeed pay for the funeral. She posted two receipts from the funeral home totaling $20,000.

“He did this out of the goodness of his heart!” said Keyshia, adding, “We also sent flowers and not even a thank u.”

Scarr died from what his family says was an accidental prescription drug overdose. Law enforcement continues to investigate his death.

At the time of his death, Gucci mourned his passing. “This hurt — I’m a miss you @bigscarr,” he said.

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