Grocery Store Employees 'Will Be Executed for Terrorism' Says Shopper in Epic Meltdown Over Mask [Video]

“I have a right to buy groceries without being forced to participate in f–king terrorism.”

US grocery store employees are to be put to death over their enforcement of social distancing policies, if one particularly irked customer is to be believed.

The man was filmed having a spectacular meltdown outside a Miami Publix on Sunday after being denied entry for refusing to wear a mask.

“This is a false flag fake pandemic!” he screams in the 102-second body-cam clip, filmed by a female compliance officer. “You are in violation of my f–king constitutional rights and my civil rights!”

He then informs staff he is filing a class action lawsuit, adding that they can “take your fake f–king global terroristic false flag attack and shove it up your motherf–king ass.”

“You’re terrorists!” he continues, before reiterating: “You’re in violation of my constitutional and civil rights! F–k you motherf–kers there’s no pandemic!”

After once again highlighting the fact he was “filing a f–king lawsuit,” he insists: “I have a right to buy groceries without being forced to participate in fucking terrorism.”

The officer, to her credit, seems unintimidated by the rant and stands her ground, and even follows him to politely inform him once again of the store’s coronavirus safety policy.

“This is private property,” she informs him.

“This private f–king property has food! I have a right to buy food without being forced to participate in a fake global false flag pandemic. There’s no pandemic! F–k you!”

He concludes: “You motherf–kers are going to get mass arrested and f–king executed for f–king terrorism! F–k you!”

A female customer finally emerges to tell him to back off, and gets called a “f–king bitch” for her troubles.

The security guard then tells a colleague over the radio that she was about to call the police, but the maelstrom seems to have passed.

City Manager Jimmy Morales told the Miami Herald the incident was just one example of what staff face while trying to keep the public safe from themselves.

“Four-letter words, heated comments and city staff being mocked were common this past week in South Pointe Park,” he said.

“While the Publix incident was one of the most adverse encounters with a member from our Code staff, several Park Rangers have recounted many less than cordial exchanges when asking members of the public to wear a face covering at a public park or adhere to social distancing.”

Miami Beach’s Code Compliance Director Hernan Cardeno agreed: “Our inspections for facial coverings and social distancing aren’t always welcomed, but we are doing this for the greater good.

“I’m proud to lead a team of Code Compliance professionals who are on the frontlines every day in our community simply trying to ensure the public complies with the safety measures in place during this global pandemic.”

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