Governor Phil Murphy Deemed Beyoncé ‘The Queen Honey-Bey Of The Garden State’ Ahead Of Her New Jersey Shows

Already a queen to her fans, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy made it official, proclaiming Beyoncé “the Queen Bey of the Garden State.”

via: Uproxx

In a video shared to Twitter, Murphy honored Beyoncé with the title, and gave a special shoutout to many of her songs — hits and deep cuts alike.

“Hey New Jersey, did you know Beyoncé is performing at MetLife Stadium?” said Murphy in the video. “No it’s not deja vu, the Queen Bey herself will actually be coming to New Jersey. In honor of her two performances this weekend, I have officially proclaimed Beyoncé the Queen Bey of the Garden State.”

He continued, saying “Queen Bey — New Jersey would have a problem if you didn’t perform at MetLife for for your Renaissance tour. Your New Jersey BeyHive will always be crazy in love with you. We are all heated to know we will be living cozy in your presence this weekend.”

He then signed off, saying, “XO, Governor Murphy.”

You can see Governor Murphy’s video above.

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