'Good Times' Star John Amos NOT 'Fighting for His Life' in ICU, Denies Daughter's Shocking Elder Abuse Claims

The daughter of “Good Times” star and “America’s Dad” John Amos alleged that her father was fighting for his life due to elder abuse.

via: Radar Online

John Amos’ daughter has been seeking donations after revealing a heartbreaking update about her father, claiming the actor — whom she fondly described as America’s Dad — is currently being hospitalized and has been the victim of “elder abuse” and “financial exploitation.”

RadarOnline.com has learned in a shocking turn of events that the Coming to America star, 83, is NOT actually fighting for his life, nor was he the victim of elder abuse, and that’s according to John himself.

John’s rep, Belinda Foster, told TMZ he was hospitalized “because his lower body was filling with fluid, all the way to his abdomen, and causing issues with his heart. Foster says doctors have been able to drain all of it, and John’s recently started to feel 100%.”

It was unclear why Shannon started the campaign, John told the outlet.

In the description, Shannon said he took a turn for the worse on May 14, when she received a “distressing call” from her father who was getting medical care far away from her in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Though I was out of the country, we managed a brief FaceTime conversation before his pain became too unbearable,” she wrote in a GoFundMe description.

As of June 8, $3250 has been raised out of the $500,000 goal.

“Desperate, I reached out to a family friend, who flew to Memphis while I prepared to join them. What we found shattered our world: my dad fighting for his life in the ICU.”

Shannon claims to have been made aware of the alleged crimes done to John in the following weeks of that discovery, stating the family is working alongside the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the local Sheriff’s Department in her father’s home state.

She claims his home “had been violated, stripped of anything valuable.”

Shannon said a trusted caregiver had potentially been involved.

“The cruelty inflicted upon my dad leaves me questioning what kind of human could commit such acts. Yet, we hold onto hope that justice will prevail,” Shannon wrote.

In addition to playing McDowell in the Coming to America franchise, he was also known for playing James in Good Times and his recent appearance in Me Time with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg among a number of other notable roles.

Shannon said that every donation will go toward a special fund for John, dedicated solely to his care, legal fees, travel costs for family, and aftercare as John has an “unstable housing situation, and health challenges indicate a daunting road to recovery ahead.”

In the comments of her GoFundMe, fans have begun sharing John’s latest statement.

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