‘GMA’ Hosts Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes Don’t Seem To Be Fazed In The Slightest By Their Love Affair Drama [Video]

‘GMA3’ host T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are apparently playing into their now-public relationship on air.

via: Uproxx

The couple went from relatively unknown news anchors to the center of affair rumors that kicked off a tabloid frenzy. After having intimate photos published in the Daily Mail, the two have been fighting competing narratives on when exactly their previous marriages ended and their new relationship began. On top of that, Robach and Holmes been showing up to work as top brass at ABC were quick to capitalize on the “ratings gold.”

While the two haven’t outright acknowledged the mounting affair rumors or their now public romance, they did take a not-so-subtle jab at the growing fiasco during their end of the week broadcast. Holmes got the ball rolling by joking that “It’s too bad it’s Friday,” which sparked some awkwardly witty banter with Robach.

Via Page Six:

When Robach, 49, asked if it really was too bad, he poked fun at the “great week” he was having.

“I just want this one to keep going and going and going,” the former CNN anchor, 45, added with a smile. “Just enjoying it.”

However, when Holmes advised Robach to “take it all in,” she replied, “Speak for yourself.”
While their former spouses apparently feel differently, Holmes and Robach are reportedly glad that their relationship is now public even if it’s not how they planned it.

“They’re not ashamed. They’re two consenting adults, who ended up loving each other,” a source told Page Six. “It’s not how they wanted [news of their relationship] to come out, but it’s also kind of a relief.”

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