GloRilla’s Life Advice For Women In Their 20s Is ‘Toxic,’ But It’s Absolutely Necessary, She Believes [Video]

GloRilla wants her female fans in their 20s to live life to the fullest – and that includes being as toxic as they want to be.

via: Uproxx

Rapper GloRilla is an open book regarding her social media profiles. Whether she’s laughing in embarrassment over old photos or talking back about her run-in with the law, the “Tomorrow 2” musician is quite transparent. Yesterday (August 21), GloRilla took to her Instagram Story to share some controversial life advice for women in their 20s.

In the video, shared by 2Cool2Blog, GloRilla opened by checking in with her women fans, saying, “Hey ladies, how are you?”

She then unloads her wisdom to the ladies, professing, “I just wanna let you know: be toxic for the rest of your 20s. You only get one life. Live your toxic 20s. You never get to be 20 years old, 21, 22, 23, 24, none of that ever again in your life. Be toxic because don’t get in your 30s thinking you can just go slashing tires and doing all this crazy sh*t. You’re too old for that now. You are too mature, be toxic for the rest of your 20s.”

Users online were torn on the declaration. “Crazy how someone in her position is saying this,” wrote one fan.

However, according to GloRilla, it is for the best that women make these irrational decisions earlier in life to learn to regulate their emotions for a point in life when the damage may not be as easy to repair.

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