GloRilla Was Distraught To Learn That Ham Is Pork, And Now Doesn’t Know What To Do For Thanksgiving [Photo]

GloRilla has shared — at the risk of being ridiculed — a recent discovery that she believes threatens the fate of her Thanksgiving dinner.

via: Uproxx

Between earning a top 10 hit with her single “Tomorrow 2,” winning a BET Hip-Hop Award for Best New Hip-Hop Artist, putting out her major label debut EP, and pulling in a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Performance for her hit single FNF (Let’s Go), GloRilla has a lot to be thankful for. However, it looks like she’s going to have to come up with new Thanksgiving plans rather quickly.

Yesterday (November 19), she learned some rather shocking news about one of her favorite Thanksgiving dishes. After going months without eating park, Glo was distraught to find out that she won’t be able to eat ham this Thanksgiving.

“I know y’all gone laugh at me & call me slow & shit but ima admit to it first & still say YO MAMA,” she said in a Tweet. “but anyways, I haven’t eaten any pork for almost 5 months now, tell me why I just found out ham is pork !!!!!!! Idk Wtf ima eat for thanksgiving now.”

Glo did not mention why she has opted not to eat pork for almost half a year, nor did she note if she enjoys eating turkey.

But ahead of Thanksgiving, Glo will perform at the American Music Awards, which will air tonight at 8 p.m. EST tonight on ABC.

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