Gladys Knight Says Her Son Tried to Blackmail Her by Threatening to Expose Her Alleged Alzheimer's Diagnosis



Gladys Knight says her son would stop at nothing to win his legal battle against her — even if that meant exposing her private medical information.

via TMZ:

The R & B legend has been fighting Shanga Hankerson over her chicken & waffles joint in the Atlanta area — and when he didn’t respond to the lawsuit, the clerk entered a default victory for Gladys.

According to docs, Gladys says Shanga’s lawyer reached out and put a metaphorical gun to her head: Give us more time to respond to the lawsuit, or we’ll go public with your Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Gladys didn’t give in, and then her own flesh and blood filed legal docs that indeed alluded to some form of dementia because, as they put it … she had a “lack of mental capacity.”

Now she’s firing back — denying the ailment and accusing her son of trying to “embarrass and harass” her. Gladys wants to keep the default in place, but Shanga’s fighting to get it overturned.

Well, we’re glad to hear Gladys is denying the Alzheimer’s diagnosis. We’re sad at the fact that this battle is getting to be so messy.

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