Girl, What? Kelly Price Performs 'As We Lay' at a Gospel Expo, Complains About It Being Labeled 'Inappropriate' by Organizers [Video]

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Kelly Price performed at the Indiana Black Expo Gospel Showcase over the weekend and took to social media to vent about her ‘disheartening’ experience.

According to her video, she was asked to perform “her music” — not her gospel music — and he decided to perform her hit “As We Lay.”

If you ask us, that wasn’t the wisest decision considering the audience.

Anyway, she shared a video after the performance and revealed the show’s MC took issue with her performance and confronted her about it being “inappropriate.”

“I think this type of ignorance and this type of church bigotry is ridiculous and it’s the reason why people won’t come to church….I am very, very angry,” she says in one of several clips posted to Facebook.

Watch below.

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