Get Into This: Kalenna - Chamber of Diaries [Mixtape]


Kalenna first won me over with her hood-chic visuals for “Go To Work” and “Matte Black Truck”. Both of which are featured on her debut mixtape Chamber of Diaries.

Chamber of Diaries proves that Kalenna has exactly what it takes to stand on her own two feet outside of the now disbanded Dirty Money. Her songwriting skills are among some of the best I’ve heard. Her lyrics walk the fine line between ridiculously simple and brilliant, leaning more towards the latter.

Not only is Chamber of Diaries lyrically brilliant, but the song arrangements and production are both equally as enticing. There are ongoing themes of heartbreak and bad relationships throughout the album, but you don’t know whether you want to sing along and cry or ride out to the beat and set an ex’s car on fire. It leaves me feeling both emotional and empowered and that’s a difficult feat to accomplish. Check out some of my favorite tracks below…

“Morning After”



Download the full mixtape here.

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