George Zimmerman Kicked Out of a Bar After Calling the Manager a Ni*ger Lover

George Zimmerman is still terrorizing this earth.

According to police, George got out of control at a Florida bar and ended up getting himself kicked out.

via TMZ:

Seminole Co. Sheriff’s deputies went to the bar Wednesday night to investigate a possible battery involving someone in Zimmerman’s group. According to the report — obtained by TMZ — cops saw Zimmerman shouting at a female employee … who said she was trying to collect his bill.

The manager told cops George had said, “I didn’t know you were a n***** lover.”  

As for the possible battery, cops say George claimed a man had hit him on the shoulder multiple times, but surveillance video showed it was just a friendly pat. The bar manager said they’ve had repeated issues with Zimmerman and banned him from returning.

Zimmerman’s statement to cops was not flattering. He wrote, “Officer X is an incompetent officer under qualified to flip burgers.”  

Once a racist, always a racist.

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