George Zimmerman Arrested For Domestic Violence Incident [Photo]

George and Shellie Zimmerman

George Zimmerman may finally be getting some form of punishment. He has been arrested in Florida for a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend.

Cops aren’t releasing details at this time, but according to TMZ he’s currently being booked into the system.

Zimmerman has had multiple run-ins with cops ever since he was acquitted of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin back in July.

Hold Up — George Zimmerman has a girlfriend? She must not watch the news.

UPDATE: A woman identifying herself as Zimmerman’s girlfriend told officers that he attacked her – and that she’s pregnant, according to law enforcement sources.

The disturbance allegedly took place in a residence in Seminole County near Orlando, Fla. A police spokesman tells PEOPLE that Zimmerman was arrested “following a domestic incident.” Zimmerman was booked and was photographed for a mug shot.


George Zimmerman’s mug shot

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