Gayle King Says Oprah Is 'Intrigued' By the Idea of a Presidential Run, Not Seriously Considering It Yet [Video]

Gayle King says her bestie Oprah hasn’t committed to running for president.

While on CBS This Morning, she attempted to clarify Stedman’s comments in the L.A. Times from the day before.

Photographers caught up with Gayle as she was leaving the CBS studio and pressed her for more information about a potential Oprah run.

via TMZ:

We got Gayle leaving CBS Tuesday in NYC, after she went on the air and offered a tightrope answer as to whether Oprah was serious about a presidential bid in 2020.

The co-anchor said Oprah was intrigued, but probably not actively considering it at this point — despite folks already hitting her up to run a campaign.

Gayle got direct with us, insisting while SHE personally thinks President Winfrey is easy on the ears … Oprah is not convinced, and is not seriously considering a run.

We also press her on Stedman’s L.A. Times quote where he said, “She would absolutely do it” if people wanted her. Gayle can’t handle that truth, and thinks reporters got it wrong. 

Watch below.

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