Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Rips Into Him After ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Appearance [Photo + Video] |

Gary Owen’s Estranged Wife Rips Into Him After ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Appearance [Photo + Video]

Kenya Duke apparently thinks that it’s not time for Gary Owen to sit down and talk about the divorce.

via: BET

Gary Owen broke his silence about the ending of his marriage to Kenya Duke on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday (June 10), teasing a “big twist” in the divorce proceedings that he’s not at liberty to share details about as yet. Duke has now responded to her ex’s comments on Instagram.

The 46-year-old started with, “Gary, while I am not pressed, I am highly irritated.”

She specifically addressed his appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, “I was shocked you spent most of your time talking about me, the divorce, son and daughter. If the streets are that good then why waste that opportunity and not talk about upcoming projects?”

Duke also commented on Williams appearing to ask Owen on a date, saying, “Maybe finding out what the host likes to do? She was obviously interested.”

She also had some words for Owen denying he had an affair with Claudia Jordan: “Your priority yesterday was defending irrelevant Claudia… Claudia is the most invested person in this divorce and the first to comment, why?”

Duke added, “She is a good friend to you, not me. Stop saying you’re staying quiet. You feed Claudia the information you want out. There are so many pretty girls with big butts and low self esteem please find one or a few that can help you get through this divorce.”

Duke maintained he has been a “deadbeat” dad, regardless if their children are 18 and over.

Duke closed with, “I never realized the person I helped the most was actually the one I should have been protecting myself from. Please hug Gary when you see him.”

See the full, lengthy post below:

Back in May, court docs obtained by TMZ stated Duke was asking for $44,000 a month because “it’s the amount Gary would normally deposit in her account to pay credit cards and finance her personal spending.”

Duke also claims she didn’t pursue her own career to support Owen who is known for his stand up comedy and films like Ride Along, Think Like A Man and Daddy Day Care.

TMZ also reports that Duke alleges their monthly income is between $200,000 and $400,000 and “never dipped below $100k, even during the pandemic.”

Additionally she alleged “it’s not uncommon” for Owen to have $300,000 to $600,000 uncashed checks from his stand-up shows.

According to TMZ, Duke filed divorce documents on Friday (March 19) in Los Angeles County Supreme Court. There’s no clear indication why the Duke filed for divorce from Owen.

You can see the full interview between Gary and Wendy below.

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