'Game of Thrones' Had Yet Another Snafu, This Time a Plastic Water Bottle Appeared in Westeros

Aside from that questionable ending to ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday night, viewers found yet another misplaced item in the last episode.

First, it was a Starbucks coffee cup, then a regenerated hand  — and now a plastic water bottle has appeared in Westeros.

via TMZ:

The massively popular HBO series came to an end Sunday night, but not before another blunder was called out by observant viewers — a water bottle behind the left foot of Samwell Tarly at around the 46-minute mark of the finale.

It’s hard to tell what brand of H2O Sam was sucking down, but hopefully they recycle in the Seven, err Six, Kingdoms.

Another viewer pointed out that a second bottle was visible on the ground behind Ser Davos, but it’s not quite as clear.

The latest ‘GoT’ gaffe comes a week after a promotional image for episode 5 featured Jaime Lannister with his right hand still intact … despite getting it chopped off in season 3.

And of course, there was the infamous modern-day coffee cup left sitting on a table next to Daenerys in episode 4 … which was later scrubbed from the streaming versions to wipe away the mistake.

Clearly, the showrunners didn’t learn their lesson.

That’s unfortunate.

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