The Game Pays Homage To The Late Aaron Carter With A Fond Memory Of Their First Meeting [Photos] |

The Game Pays Homage To The Late Aaron Carter With A Fond Memory Of Their First Meeting [Photos]

The Game is remembering the late Aaron Carter through a candid story shared with the “I Want Candy” singer’s brother, Nick Carter.

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In Game’s recollection, Carter was a generous soul gave up his seat on a flight so that Game and his son could share first class seats. However, Game joined Carter in coach class, where they spent the flight talking.

You can check out the full story below, but as it turns out, Game’s history of supposedly fibbing his incredible behind-the-scenes industry stories has fans giving the accounting a collective side-eye.

Whether the story is true or not, it sort of speaks to the singer’s impact that his death has provoked such a response. Read Game’s full story below.

It was mid year 2005 and I boarded a flight to New York with my now 19 year old son @harlemtaylorr & his mom @___aleska to do 106 & park and we were 1st class so we thought… turns out they over booked & we were one seat short & he was sitting across the isle & said “Hey, you guys have little man.. you can have my seat Game”. At this time my 1st album had dropped & I still wasn’t sure everyone knew who I was so every new “Game” called out was fresh & made me feel like I’d accomplished something great.

The plane wasn’t full so Aaron went back to coach & sat in an isle & had the whole row to himself so he was chilling. I felt bad about him giving up his seat so I thought to myself… “fuck that, I’m going to sit in coach too” !!! He had on his headphones… (airpods weren’t a thing back then) but he took them off & I asked him if I could sit. He of course said “fuck yea man”. We ended up talking the entire damn near 6 hour flight & I can remember thinking how kool it was to be talking to a guy I seen on MTV a million times who my lil sister loved to death cause again I had just became a star so this was super dope. We got to know one another very well during that flight, exchanged sidekick numbers & always hugged when we saw each other over the years.

Yesterday when I read of his passing, it really hurt my feelings and I instantly thought of that flight & our time chilling in the sky.

He was dope af & a very good human.. my love & condolences are with you, your family & his baby boy through this tough time & after. Hit me whenever, FOREVER.

Rest Easy Aaron, fly high kid

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