Foxy Brown Accused of Bailing on NYFW Performance and Keeping the Money

Foxy Brown booked a stage during New York Fashion Week but apparently never showed up in time to perform.

To make matters worse, Foxy allegedly pocketed the money and now the promoter of the event is preparing to sue.

via TMZ:

Foxy agreed to perform 2 songs at the LaQuan Smith party Sunday night during New York Fashion Week. In return, she was going to pull in $10k … $5k in advance and the balance at the party.

We’re told the party came and went … with Foxy nowhere in sight. We’re told at 2:30 AM, when there were only a handful of stragglers left, she showed, grabbed the $5k check out of the organizer’s hand and booked it for the door. Our sources say Foxy didn’t sing a single note.

The people who threw the shindig are furious and want to give Foxy an ultimatum … return the money, or we’ll see you in court.

We’re not sure if we’d book Foxy for a Fashion Week performance in 2018 in the first place — but hey, it wasn’t our show.

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